FullMetal TV - Jessi Combs , Lou Santiago, Bryan Fuller

FullMetal TV

I recently posted a video page about Jessi Combs , Bryan Fuller, and Troy Trepanier. The AWS selected them for spokespersons to promote the skill of welding in a AWS branded Video.

Jessi Combs and Bryan Fuller both learned to weld at a school called WyoTech. 

After pecking around YouTube for a while, I came across another intriguing little video.

Full Metal TV starring Jessi Combs (previously of Extreme 4x4) and Lou Santiago.

If you like TV shows like “How its Made” or “Made in America” , you will like Full Metal.TV.

I am kind of a geek when it comes to metal. For example, I know the chemical compositions of bunches of different alloys like 4130, 308 ss, hastelloy x, by heart.

Useless information like that stays in my head. That's how I roll.

So when a show comes on TV about how metals are used, blacksmithing, or how swords were made in ancient Rome...I am in.

My wife hates these shows. The only reason she watched Orange County Choppers was because of the drama between the Dad and Sons....that's the part I hated.


Its not clear whether Full Metal TV will be strictly an internet channel or if it will air on one of the cable channels.

Either way...I'm in.

I really hope they get this thing off the ground,

This show has a new twist. Instead of being hosted by a celebrity TV personality, Full Metal TV has recruited 2 personalities that have been generating a lot of buzz in the in the hot rod / chopper / metal fabrication world.

Jessi Combs and Lou Santiago will the hosts of Full Metal TV as they take us to all kinds of different industries that use metal in manufacturing.

Hot Rod and Chopper builder Bryan Fuller will be weighing in too.

The show will focus on “all things metal” .

In a 30 minute episode Full Metal will explore how metal alloys are used to improve our everyday lives.

From the titanium used for Grandmas hip implant, to Aviation and Aerospace fabrication and repair, Shipyards and shipyard welders, chopper builds, hot rod fabricating, Ironworkers welding on skyscrapers, Pipe welders on the Alaska Pipeline, titanium welding for mountain bikes…all of this is fair game for Full Metal TV….and why not?

Metal is everywhere and affects literally everything we touch.

Industrial Depot hardware company is the sponsor and the driving force behind FullMetal TV.

I wish them success and I will be tuned in.

exit fullmetal tv and see welding schools

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