Good grinds on the cheap.

by David

You don't need a $700 - $2000 grinder for good tips. I use orbital for 1/4 to 1/2 316L tubing as well as free handing it for everything else. The orbital electrodes are so tiny that I buy them in bags of 50 already done. I am not going to fiddle with a 1/2 inch long sewing needle and a grinder.

For everything else I use a dirt cheap, rechargeable, cordless drill and a very small bench grinder I purchased from Harbor Freight. Both items are junk items but for the price of about $75 they are disposable. I blow the dust out with a compressor once a week and the whole set up has lasted me almost 3 years now. The only thing I buy is a 100 grit stone about every 6 months.

I simply slip any sized tungsten in the drill and tighten with the keyless chuck. How easy it that? On the grinder I tacked a small disc with lines marked on it every 10 degrees to use as a guide for various tip angles. Again, how easy is that?

If you are welding for NASA, sure, go ahead and get the Big MacDaddy but if you aren't, why go large? Go cheap and get awesome results from it.

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