by Daniel D. Marucci
(Woodbridge, VA. USA)

I've been a mechanic for over thirty years but was always too busy to take the time to learn how to weld.....properly! First things first... your videos and web site are great!!! I put all your videos to the test in my home garage. (I'm a retired mechanic) Thanks for all the help!
I wanted to learn how to weld mig and tig but didn't want to put out well over $2000 for quality brand names. I did a lot of research and found a company called Lotus. They offer machines from home garage up to pro welding shops!
They have a good rep from what I've read and I was impressed with the three in one machine they offer.
My sweet wife let me purchase one for my birthday.
The one I bought was a
Lotos LTPDC2000 Pilot Arc IGBT 50A plasma cutter with 200A tig/stick welder with Pedal

LOTOS IGBT 50A plasma Cutter 200 TIG STICK ARC WELDER. Now Comes with FREE Footpedal FREE extra consumables. FREE Shipping.

Workable with CNC machine. Pilot Arc. IGBT Technology and Stick Welding Aluminum Feature

Orig. Price: $1,299.00
Sale Price: $739.00 I think

The package came with everything including consumables and gas regulator. Good quality cables ,clamp, stinger,TIG gun, and plasma torch! I opened the welder and looked inside, it looked clean and neat with nice looking solder joints and boards.
I have put the plasma cutter through the paces and I will tell you this dog cuts!! It will actually pierce one inch steel! (severance cut) Clean cuts and a pilot arc start that allows you to use on a CNC machine or cut holes easily by hand! Starts without touching the tip.The stick welder is powerful and clean and even my rookie butt gets some nice TIG welds! My friend that welds all the time was highly impressed!
For the money, I don't think you can beat this machine!
Over one year of use ( and rookie abuse )this machine is running strong!
Best bang for the buck if you are low in the wallet! I love American made but this "Chinese" unit (made/ sold in California) is a great value! For under $800 you can hardly find just one welder or plasma cutter... here you get all three.

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