harbor freight tig

by Brian

Harbor Freight emailed me a coupon for 20% off one item. Their new
inverter welder with a duty cycle I could accept:

harbor freight tig welder

is down to $200 in the store. It comes with a year of no-fuss-swap
warranty, I bought a second year of warranty for $20. TIG torch is
$45. Ground clamp is much better than pictured. I'm about to put the
plug on and try it with stick now.

That adds up to stick only capability for $160. At that price I hope
everyone curious will try welding, and if they aren't jazzed by it
give the machine to a mechanically-inclined child. Kind of like how
small refractor telescopes endlessly circulate in garage sales.

I'm sure the Lincoln Invertec 250 I'm seeing on Craigslist for $550
with no wires or torch would perform better. But with this duty cycle
I can wait a couple years before I get a more expensive used one,
which will probably plasma cut and wax my car.

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