Harbor Freight - we'll see in Heaven

by Luis Dandelion

Well, does that Harbor Freight thing come with flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves? I guess not. I consider these features EXTREMELY important after being a second-hand witness to an exploded acetylene tank that looked like a banana peel - a result of an uncontrollable flashback. Thanks GOD I was not there when it happened.
Do they come with Delrin valve packings and other distinguishing safety or reliability related features? I guess not.
Sure you can add these features to the Chinese version, but after doing so, you wind up paying more at the end. Oxygen-Acetylene safety should not be taken lightly NEVER EVER.
And we all know how concerned Chinese manufacturers are about the safety and well-being of their fellow human beings after the melamine tainted-milk scandals. "Unscrupulous" is the only attribute fitting here.

For that "Not being able to work for one buck a day" part: When will the North American people understand that production facilities will always gravitate to the cheapest manufacturer? When will it sink in that every job delegated to a (cheaper) Chinese manufacturer not only eliminates a job in the US, but also cuts tax revenues and basically impoverishes the US as a nation until they either get more productive or become willing to work at the same terms? That's simple market mechanism.

One note to be left: There is a big difference between "Made in China" and "Made in China under license". Many Chinese manufacturers copy the products they were asked to produce under license - even using the original MFG production facilities during the "fourth shift", and then make them look-alike, almost indistinguishable, but usually lacking essential features, and without paying a dime for product development or being liable for ANY kind of security or guarantees. With Oxy-Acetylene equipment, I am not taking chances.

......a note here from the editor,
this guy makes a good point. oxyfuel safety is critical and often overlooked.

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