by Waylon Elsbree
(Port Angeles, WA)

You hit the nail on the head. This country ain't even a shadow of its former self. People lost the creativity and the drive to stand out, to be how MTV or ?? tells them to be. Every body following and not many leaders.
I've been going up to the local college to get some more welding certs. and there is a class full of decent welders that are stoked as all hell to go to a job and just weld all day. No fab'n No creating nothing. & thats all good but I can't understand that mind set. I've built a couple choppers, and a few serious 4x4 from ground up. design, Fab. the works. and with out a doubt there is no better feeling in this life than creating something like that out of a pile of steel. When people stop using their minds to create & just go along with the crowd. soon you got to wonder who's do 'n the think'n & whats on their mind?

It is a dieing breed but not dead yet!

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