HHO Hydrogen Generators for Heating and Cutting

Dennis Klein is the founder of Hydrogen Technology Applications (HTA) in Clearwater, Florida. He had made it his life's mission to utilize water as an inexhaustible source of energy. Mr. Klein says he is increasing gas mileage in ordinary cars up to 30-percent using hydrogen generators. The company’s patented Aquygen product or HHO gas was developed for use in replacing more unstable gases used in cutting, heating, and welding torches for the welding industry. HTA is currently marketing the H2O 1500 Aquygen Hydrogen Generator to the welding industry.

HHO Hydrogen Generators for Cars

Hydrogen Generators to Save Gas...I said Save GAS!

This same product has also been working in a modified Ford Escort Test vehicle. All the driver has to do is turn a switch from a gasoline-only mode to one in which Aquygen is injected into the engine.

A YouTube video worth explains how the unique properties of HHO gas harness the atomic power of hydrogen while maintaining the stability of plain water. I have been seeing one of these HHO generator units used by a little old man in a wheelchair who makes jewelry at all the AWS welding shows. He heats copper balls to red hot and then coats them with enamel to make some pretty unique pieces. The torch he uses runs off of Hydrogen HHO that has been extracted from distilled water using one of these HHO GAS generators. Something about the hydrogen and oxygen burning together actually heats the copper faster than a oxygen acetylene flame.

I learned a few months ago after a detailed demonstration of one of these HHO gas generators that there are some limitations. One of them is that the quantity of HHO gas that a unit is capable of producing might not be enough to heat really thick metal. But the benefits far outweigh the limitations. Otherwise it was very impressive and certainly a welcome change to dealing with acetylene gas which is both expensive and unstable. leave hho hydrogen generators

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