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by Jake

Everlast Super200P

Everlast Super200P

I love my Everlast Super200P. Its got plasma, stick, TIG AC/DC, and pulsing features all in one unit.

I am not a pro... I do metal working projects for fun. I am getting a lot out of your videos (just watched nearly all of them on YouTube) as I learn to get better at TIG'ing aluminum. I'm working on a custom aluminum intake manifold project right now that is very challenging. It involves modifying/adapting an existing (very dirty) casting to a different engine configuration.

I started the project years ago (but never completed it) with oxy acetylene, before I had any sort of access to a TIG welder. I even tried using an aluminum brazing material in one spot. Now I hope to complete it with TIG, and trying to fix all the old oxide and flux inclusions are driving me crazy.

So far I like my TIG way better than oxy acetylene. I love the inverter technology in it, because of the combination of good power (200 amps), lightweight package (easily lifted by one person for, vehicle transport), and how it runs off of just a 30 amp clothes dryer household circuit.

Anyhow, I went through my Everlast welder with a fine-tooth comb before I fired it up (I am a little bit savvy with electronics.) I have not had any failures with it. On the other hand, I don't have a huge amount of use on it yet. I think I am on my third tank of argon. The plasma cutting feature is neat, and I am on the learning curve on that too. I have not used stick yet at all (but intend to try it.)

I have done some successful projects with it already, and I am pretty pleased with it.

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