Hobby Welder

by Wm. Babbitt
(Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)

Purchased a Ramsond (RAMSOND CT520DY 3-IN-1 PLASMA CUTTER TIG ARC MMA WELDER) over two years ago from the Company in Detroit Michigan. Never was able to get it working for the tig and plasma cutter functions. Returned it to Detroit and they said it was OK and sent it back. It worked for about 30 seconds than shut down. The small transformer on the HF arc starting board burned up. After months of poor communication they finally sent me a new board which once installed lasted about 30 seconds again. The whole machine was poorly constructed and the Company would not return calls or emails. All in all it was a bad transaction and I would caution against buying this unit and especially dealing with this Company.

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