I am the future. who's with me?!

by Chris M, Johnson
(Collinsville, Illinois U.S.A.)

I am currently a welding student but a HUGE fan of Jesse James !! I watch everything he does as inspiration & to give me better ideas of how you old folks did things, hahaha!!

Seriously, you talk about how it's a dying art, well it's youngsters like me that are going to do my best to not let that happen!!!!!! We are still out there!

I have always had a passion for everything metal! Everything from digging up the iron ore & processing, to the finished product & welding on the finished product. Hell, I even love heavy metal music!

When I watch Jesse or any other amazing metal worker I can't take my eyes away from how & what they are building it. I love turning cold, ugly metal into a usefully beautiful part of America.

When I work with metal the world and all my problems disappear! Welding is my Zen, it keeps me sane!
I love what you wrote:

"We discourage our young men and women from learning a trade as if it is somehow dishonorable or a second rate career. We look down our noses at young men and women who choose the vo-tech path instead of the college track."

When I read this I laugh & realize it's so true!! The people that turns their nose up at our profession or when someone wants to go to a Vocational school are lucky they don't get smacked!!

We have, are and will continue to build America.

So long story short.. there are young guy's like me out there that don't want to see our "art" fade away into nothing. This art is in my blood, my grandmother was a welder, my grandfather was a welder and now I'm proud to say I am too!

So thank you for this web site and all the useful information. Trust me the next time someone looks down at me I'm just going to keep my mouth shut, keep my helmet down and let my work do the talking.
I love listening to the older folks talk about their experiences, I love that there are people like yourself passing down this amazing art form!

Thanks for all your help & inspiration to keep doing what I love to do!



Chris, You are going to make a fine welder. I can tell.

thanks for the excellent post.

jody- weldingtipsandtricks

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