I got a chinise welder

by Michel
(Luxembourg EC)

But I am a beginner in TIG, so i am leaning, but in general a 500 Euro machine can not be compared with a pro equipment. But they are sold now under a German name from a German company. So the spare parts are no problem even the warranty.

I think it is a good approach for small jobs or for beginners, but if you want to make serious jobs am American or European pro machines are a must.

But American machines are not a solution for me i have to pay 30% import taxes.

My MIG and stick machines are real European German products and they working since more than 10 jears.

Conclusion: if you want a no stress life use a machine where you can find the spare part around the corner in your preferred shop. If you have some knowledge about electrics and electronics Chinese machines are simple to repair, the technology is basic and minimalist.

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