I think its good

by Mike
(Garden City,MI)

I buy American when I can but there is nothing wrong with good competition. It makes products better and cheaper. I work real hard for my money and don't have a lot of it. I have to save up a long time for the tools that I buy. Something like a good American hobby Mig welder, cant beat it and they are affordable. Now if you want something like a nice inverter 200 amp Tig, that's a different story. I don't have 4K nor should spend that if I had it on a Tig Welder. I just weld for a hobby. I have been hoping companies like Everlast come on the scene.
Only time will tell if they will be a reliable product. I get tired of reading all the blind "Buy American" comments on the welding boards without actually using the product. I would buy a miller without a doubt if it was say 2K vs 1500 for a similar product. Thats just not the case. I also get tired of looking at people's used piece of crap welders they try to sell on ebay and craigslist for almost the price of new. Heck I have seen them try to sell them for more than the new price. Lincoln and Miller are American companies but they buy products or have them made overseas. The welders are assembled here. Don't get me wrong that is better than nothing. I would love to buy a miller but I just dont have the money. Its like Harbor Freight tools. I buy some stuff there that I normally wouldn't ever be able to afford otherwise.

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