It's never too late!

by J. Kent Adams
(Houston , Texas)

After a 30 year career as a practicing attorney and 10 year career as a judge and still am, I decided to pursue an avocation in welding and metal forming. After 6 months in a wonderful junior college studying MIG and TIG welding and finishing same I have had the time of my life learning and building steel furniture ,custom fire place covers a kick but reverse flow bar-b-que pit that really turned out well and misc. specialty items for family and friends. I am so thankful that I followed my life long desire to be a welder so my eventual retirement will be so interesting and fulfilling in the future. I am on the late side of 70 years and will be burning metal for many years to come. I wish I had the opportunity in my youth to take shop and welding.

Thanks for the opportunity of sharing. 07-28-10


you are very welcome sir.

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