Jim Konopliski

by Jim Konopliski
(Richmond, Ca.)

my product-invertiweld

my product-invertiweld

I've been in the welding business, (making sparks, and selling tools, for a long time. To compare the harbor freight machine and the miller dynasty is silly. Apples and oranges. Country of origin aside, the hf machine is a scratch start compact DC inverter. The dynasty is a sophisticated DC or AC/DC machine, (depending on model), that has the full compliment of features one would find in a full size shop machine, (except duty cycle). That said, my strong opinion is that the miller dynasty is extremely overpriced, and somewhat poor performing and not real user friendly. I think most would agree 3K-3.5K is a lot to pay for a small machine with a 35% duty cycle, regardless of brand. I say poor performing in that my biggest gripe about the dynasty is the lousy high frequency start, so weak, I usually have to scratch or tap the tungsten on the table before it will initiate, inexcusable in my book. Maybe it's necessary if you are welding in a computer room or on the bridge of a navy destroyer crammed with electronics, but there is nothing of that sort in my shop, or neighborhood. Not user friendly in that the control panel requires you to cycle through sequences of lit LED indicators depending on what you want to adjust, as the display changes to reflect the value for that function. It's a method used on other small inverters like the thermal dynamics, and I hate it. i've got enough computers in my life without one showing up in my welder. I'm in cave man mode when I'm welding and don't like to have to switch to google-geek mode to make adjustments on the fly. The biggest thing the dynasty has going for it is 1)-small size, 2)-auto input current switching, (important to some), and 3)-quiet operation, as the fan is thermostatically controlled, although I question the wisdom of letting the electronics heat and cool cyclically as opposed to staying at a relatively stable temprature in a always-on airflow. Lincoln has the invertec V201 which you never hear referred to as much as the dynasty, and I'd be interested in hearing from someone who has used that machine, additionally, HTP america imports, (has been for years), the telwin,(italian), tig-201 which is very popular in europe. Shameless plug following, I myself import a line of AC/DC, pulse, adjustable AC frequency tig welders that frankly thrash the dynasty, but again brand loyalty, and buy american sentiment are still big factors, but I have a growing base of very happy customers. Point of this discussion, shameless plug aside, is that you should compare machines like the dynasty with it's equals, namely machines in a similar price range that offer similar features and performance, and compare toaster size scratch start DC inverters with thier equals. Most manufacturers make small DC inverters offered mostly as stick welders, but that function fine as scratch start tigs when used with a torch having a manual gas valve. One advantage of the hf inverter is I believe is that it does have a gas solenoid. Remember what it costs and realize you are basically getting what you are paying for, it may last and it may not. but if it fits your needs, it's likely a reasonable gamble for the coin, especially if your use is very limited. As regards the chinese, you will be hard pressed to go in any store, and purchase any commodity and not have it likely come from china or elsewhere. This is a fact of life today. While there has always been the argument of artifically low labor and currency rates, there is also the issue of rampant greed and mismanagement on the sides of both management and labor in this country, that have led to us surrendering and abandoning our manufacturing enterprises since the early '70's. We should be cautious for bashing people who are exhibiting many of the traits that helped build this country and are now experiencing a level of prosperity we once exclusively enjoyed. it's a complex world full of complex relationships, nothing is usually black and white or as simplistic as many present it to be. Weld be happy and use your energy to re-invent the USA, and if you do it with a import tool, that's ok, you still support US based ship lines, longshoreman, and truck drivers, store workers, and weld supply stores. I'd be happy to communicate with anyone on this topic or related issues at info@plasmatigandmig.com

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