Jimmy B, Mechanic/Machinist

by Jimmy
(Brisbane, Qld, Aus )

I bought a "PROWELD" (250p I think) it's in the shed an it's 3am, so if you'd like me to upload photo's and get more info on it, I'll do so in the not too distant future...

It's a AC/DC TIG/Plasma/MMAW good for 180amps on a single phase and so far...

It allows you to set up the AC balance in TIG and Stick modes, also you can set the pulse timing and background current in both modes (makes for very clean sunken stick welds, also the high freq arc start makes for very easy use (my missus pulled a near perfect stick weld on 3mm mild steel 1st try)

cons... Though there is a socket for a remote, the welder itself only makes use of the switch and not the loud pedal (useless) and the manual is absolutely USELESS if like me you have no idea how to set it up.

So far, I've not managed to make a successful weld on cast ally. (If anyone would be gracious enough to explain to me what all the settings do on this thing, I'd greatly appreciate it)

The plasma cutter also works well, though the consumables don't last all that well, but it makes nice clean cuts up to 16mm thick from a 15amp 240v socket... can't complain too much.

Overall, for $450 bux, delivered to my door, pretty friggen happy to be honest.

Queensland Australia

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