Large transformer based welders are dinosoaurs

by geezer

The reason I bought Chinese is because they are modern and reasonably priced, not costly reproductions of outdated designs.

case in point: Would you own a TV with tubes,,, then why would you own a mig welder that only has so many voltage taps off of it.

Inverter migs give you infinite voltage control that can match your wire speed,,you don't have to be stuck with a voltage setting and spend all day screwing around trying to get the wire speed adjusted to fit the voltage.

Red and Blue still use huge transformers and try to make up for it's shortcomings with chokes and other bastardized designs to correct this problem.

Then they tout their new features as some kind of gift from god that only they have and you must pay and pay to have that feature....when it is already built in to a chinese welder..

Large transformers cost money to build, lots of copper and steel in them, they are reliable but limited in their function. Inverter welders are about 10% more efficient in output, that means you can turn the heat down in certain cases as well as getting a smaller utility bill.

I just gave away my old miller welder to a friend who needed a welder but couldn't afford one, it served me well for years and it has lots of life left in it, but it was time to weld better without the hassles involved with old technology.

The reason I can afford to do that is my new chinese welder didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy.

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