Longevity 200P owner

by Leo Costantino
(Rhode Island)

I bought a Longevity 200 P combo unit around a year and 8 months ago.

I'm a newbie to Tig, but I've got a Century mig and an old Lincoln Buzz Box AC welder.

This is a combo unit meaning that it will Tig, stick and plasma cut.

And, it does all of these things "PFG."

My first unit ran great for the first day, then on the next day it wouldn't start. I called Longevity and they gave me a lot of stuff to try inside, but in the end, I sent it back and they delivered a new welder, they didn't even wait for receipt of the defective one.

This one far surpasses my expectations. I've used it extensively since it came and I can't say enough about it.

Now, it's not a "buy American" issue. It's an issue of it being a welder I can afford. I can't come close to owning an American machine, or machines that can do what this welder does.

I don't know how long it will last, but I'm very impressed with the build quality, and I can't say enough about customer service.

If you've got big bucks to spend and you can afford it, then go ahead, but I honestly think this machine (200P) is a bargain for a home shop guy.


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