Lotos ct520 d

by john cartelli
(Belchertown ma)

Lotos is in California and been in business for a while ,my guess is they sell these imports with their name. Mine was $650 with optional foot controller and free shipping from California to Massachusetts. But I have seen a wide ranges of prices for same unit(ex. my ebay auction it was $550 w free s&h, same item on ebay $579 w/ free s&h, on their site it was $700 (now its $650) Also on their site there are price diff's on the foot controller, I asked how much for foot controller when I contacted them on ebay, I was told $100. On their site,depending where you look its $90 or $150. Also there are a few welders with the same model numbers (ct520D) so maybe there is one Chinese Mfg that makes the same units under diff name companies.
I just started tigging so Im no expert.

Plasma Cutting
Duty Cycle: 60% at 50 amps and 100% at 35 amps
Rated Input Current: 27 amps
3" Per minute @ 1" Steel (Severance Cut)
7" Per minute @ 3/4" Thick Steel
17" Per minute @ 1/2" Thick Steel
Air pressure required: 60~70 psi @ 3.6 cfm

Tig Welding
Output Current: 15-200 Amps
Power Usage 17 Amps @ 220VAC
No Load Voltage: 62V
Can Weld: Steel, Stainless, Molly, Ferrous
Duty Cycle: 60% @ 200 Amps 100% @ 105 Amps
High Frequency Start / HF Welding
Working Voltage: 16.9V
Gas Flow: 2-5L/min (using Argon supply)

Arc/Stick/MMA Welding
Output Current: 15-180 Amps
Power Usage 23 Amps @ 220VAC
No Load Voltage: 62V
Can Weld: Steel, Stainless, Moly, Ferrous
Duty Cycle: 60% @ 180 Amps 100% @ 95 Amps
High Frequency Start / HF Welding
Working Voltage: 25 Volts
Stick Aluminum Feature (Patent Pending).

Supplied Accessories
Plasma cutting torch.
Tig Welding Torch with 11 ft hose (with long and short caps)
Ground cable with clamp.
Initial cutting consumable (tip, electrode, o-ring and shield cup installed on the cutting torch).
Air filter and regulator with accessories and brackets.
Air hose (longer one)
Argon regulator (U.S. standard argon regulator)
Stick (ARC) Holder
220VAC power plug installed on the power cord.
User Manual

pros;it tigs smooth , starts the arc excellent,light weight, runs on 110 or 220 and automatically switches between the both to what ever you have it plugged into. Labor; 3yrs on parts and 1 yr on labor w/shipping free both ways(if needed before 30 days)
cons; several supplied hose clamps disintegrated while trying to tighten gas line. 5 pin to 2 pin adapter (used to run the switch on the torch to start arc instead of the foot controller) torch cable has a 2 pin connector, the 5 pin is on the welder, foot pedal plugs into 5 pin when not using torch mounted switch. the threaded ring on the 5 pin connector end of the adaptet cord, slides over the threads and just grabs the last thread to hold on. Manual translated to English and not much info just a lot of generalizations.
just a side note...most American made units if not all are using Chinese electronics in some form or another that are mfg to their own specs. If it says made in USA most likely it means assembled in USA, and not meaning all parts made here.

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Mar 31, 2015
rstar ct 520a NEW
by: Steve Joy

Same welder as the D model except the A model has a gas delay switch. I bought 100 ft. 4 gauge welding cable it currently running 110 volts. On arc welding I have to crank it up to 100-125 amps plus sometimes to get not to stick. That's 1/8 6011 3/32 7018 and machine power cables don't get hot. Have used 5/32 7014 at 160 amps don't get hot. Played around with plasma cutter I don't think I had the air pressure or voltage set right. I was using it to cut pieces of metal I welded up to save on grinder discs. With all this said this welder in my garage works great for my practice welding. I don't know how it compare in the real world with a miller suit case or a Lincoln or the other welders out there.

Nov 22, 2014
Chinese tig machines NEW
by: Colorodan

I am fully retired now and can do the things I love doing, metal fab, to say, continuing my favorite hobby, building streetrods. I purchased a Lotos LTPAC2500 all in one, tig, stick and plasma two and a half years ago from a company located in California I found on Ebay. The company stood by their promise that they would guarantee their product for 5 yrs. I thought that was great. After going through three machines, I have learned to use the tig part of it and must admit its very powerful and does a great job.
I have a very large,(refrigerator size) tig machine, Airco 300 ac/dc square wave made in America by Lincoln that I have been using for 15 years. I purchased it from the government sales from the naval shipbuilding base in Newport Virginia. Hardly used but it was damaged,(externally) during shipment. Paid $650 for the machine and $350 to ship it to Colorado.
Wonderful machine, but very big and heavy and I figured I saved a ton of money going the route I took, because at the time I was looking to purchase a Miller/Lincoln at about $5k.
Since the Airco is not movable around the shop, I decided to go with a smaller inverter type tig.
Like I mentioned, the Lotos machine has worked great so far, but I've yet to receive a operations manual on it. I have called the distributor in California several times about the manual and was informed that the manual supplied with the machine from China was very hard to translate to English, and it was in the process of being done. Well as of yet, I have not used the others features such as the stick/plasma.
So I figured what the heck, I'm getting fed up with excuses about the manual so I went on the market for a American machine,the new Miller 210 tig and the Lincoln 225 tig. Both are priced about the same($2500).
Really can't afford that right now on my retirement money, so I figured I could make that on my next streedrod job I take in and sell the Lotos machine.

Sep 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have a CT520 and need a manual can you help

Sep 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have a CT520 and need a manual can you help

May 25, 2014
Any more thoughts after owning it for a while? NEW
by: Anonymous

Curious as to how much use you have gotten from this machine so far and how well it has stood up to the use you have given it? Mainly Tig and Plasma features.

Have a chance to get one lightly used for somewhat cheap but dont want to rush into anything.

Thanks in advance.

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