Lotos LTPDC2000 Review by user

by Mike
(Richmond(ish), VA)



I weld as a hobby and I recently got a Lotos LTPDC200 (about a month ago). It is a jack of all trades welder, capable of 200A SMAW, 50A plasma cutting and 200A GTAW, built in. I'll admit that my experience was limited to only to Hobart MIGs and a 235 SMAW, until I got the Lotos.

Now that I have cutting and TIG capabilities, my horizon of possibilities has really expanded. I was able to GTAW some angle (the 2nd day) that looked pretty to my eyes. And cut thick 1/4" aluminum like it was paper.

Am I proud of buying Chinese goods?--No. Am I happy to have these new tools at a hobby-level price--hell yeah!

Mine is a good piece of equipment, so far. It came at the right price for me (< $800).

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