lotos plasma

by matt croak
(crosslake, minnesota)

well first of jody forgive my grammer i wanna be a welder not a school teacher, anywho me and my old man (im curently 17) bout this cheap little lotos welder off ebay for around 350 bucks.

we bought into the gimik after owning a lincoln procut 20 and a thermal dynamics cutmaster 51 and in my opinion the procut is the biggest piece of garbage ever made it would eat consumables like a tig welder eats ER 70's..

but this little plasma cutter is one of the best investments in our shop.

we have cut up to half inch with it many many many times and the consumables are around 30 bucks for a hundred of them and for one cutmaster consumable?...around 35 bucks so i really am impressed with this little cutter and honestly some china crap knock of is just crap but sometimes other stuff if pretty good this is one of the better ones

matt croak

p.s. jody your site has helped me soo much all you little tricks are so much of a help, please please keep it up, i plan on being a certified welder i love welding more then really anything else ive ever done the tig torch just seems to feel like another limb to me but anyways thank you very very much for this site


thanks for the good words, and the good post,


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Nov 15, 2015
Lotos Plasma NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a lotos plasma torch and I have to say that it really fills the space as I can not afford expensive equipment right now. I do welding jobs on the side and needed and another way to cut stock to size after doing so researching. I decided to go with the Lotos. I ordered it thru Home depot online simply to return it would not be a hassle and I could take it to the local store and return it there. also they offer a extended warranty program that seem reasonable. Im really happy with this machine and would recommend it to others.

Jun 18, 2011
Re: lotos plasma
by: Nick


Thanks for the review of the Lotos.

Also, please don't give welders a bad name: Learn good grammar. You will sound more like you know what you're talking about, and that can lead to more welding and more opportunities. Good luck.


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