Love My Chinese Tig

by Dan

After many bag experiences with my Cebora MIG i looked into TIG welding. I'd heard it was like gas welding only with electricity, and being fairly good with the oxy torch and filler rods i thought i would give it a go.

Same old story though. i couldnt afford an expensive name brand machine so i went onto ebay and $350 later i had a brand new no name brand Chinese 200A DC TIG.

I had 2 problems with it straight out of the box. The solder on the HF switch had broken off and that needed to be re soldered and the gas hose was the wrong grade of nylon so it didnt form a nice seal and i lost half a bottle of argon over night.

Once those two issues were addressed it ran (and still runs) like a dream.
So far its been fantastic and im really pleased with quality and strength of my welds.

I intend on getting a better quality chinese AC/DC TIG in the future when i decide to move into aluminium welding.

As always before you buy one of these things do some research.

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