by madmax

I have found that most of these opinions are based on a minority of bad experiences that happen to people we know or know of.

I have found that the expensive company's are riding on there reputation from previous years before the Chinese become such a manufacturing force.

Today the quality has gone down because we as the consumer demand to pay less for items we purchase and the share holders demand higher returns so even the big brand names have to look for alternative manufacturing process to reduce costs

The effect of having to put the cost of manufacturing under the microscope has led to a poorer quality of product been produced with a designed lifetime if they made something that lasts multiple generations how are they ever gong to make another sale to you

So give the Chinese product a go. Quality is still relevant to the cost even in china's market

This is my experience

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Oct 25, 2010
Comparing ?
by: The flyin Wop

I agree with what you say.I wish that I
could afford to buy the USA products all the time.Sometimes I buy something that I think is USA
made,by a US co.and find out its not.After paying big bucks for it,I later see the exact same thing with a differant label made oversee sat half the cost.That's what ticks me off.

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