Many Welding products available today.

Well, for legal purposes. This is my opinion and
of course except to me, holds no weight.

Capacitors make in Japan are all about quality.

In todays world, IMO many Mfgs. want to sell you a product which nets them the most amount of profit giving you a product that will be good up until the warranty runs out based on how it is used.

IMO Good old American quality and long lasting products don't exist because of quick advancements on new and upcoming products in shorter development times. Not to mention, many people want the latest and greatest so old stuff just don't cut it. Not to mention, made in the USA could also mean assembled here or a percentage of the parts are made in other countries.

The only issue I have with chinese products so far is getting it here to the distributor and then getting it from the distributor to me. Too many chances of damage because of poor packaging.

I am considering an Everlast PP256, Like the Powcon welder I purchased back in the late 80s, I plan to drive to the dealer and purchase it on site. I want to open the box, check it for damage. If possible, plug it in and verify it works while I am there. If there is a problem, Let them fix it or swap it out right there if possible. After which, I will take it home, and use the hell out of it for the first month. I figure, most products used during the first month will work or not.

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Oct 27, 2015
you are right NEW

you are totally right. All the products work well until the guarantee ends. Then do what you want

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