MIG Mini Course Topic #4
Tips and settings for Overhead

Quick Tips for Overhead Mig welding ( short circuit mig with c25 gas)

  • clean metal welds better so unless you are welding clean cold rolled steel, use a grinder to remove the mill scale.
  • make sure to have the ground clamp attached directly to the piece being welded on an area that has been ground to clean bright metal. (A bad ground connection makes for rough arc starts and a rough arc.)
  • limit the stickout also called contact tip to work distance (ctwd) to 1/2"
  • If you are using a mig settings chart, lower the wire speed by 10-20%
  • Use a technique that keeps the arc on the leading edge of the puddle
  • Make the bead just wide enough to prevent the bead from crowning up
  • Gravity will tend to pull your arms down so keep that in mind and try to maintain a consistent short stick out aka contact tip to work distance 

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