Must be nice to have money to piss away

If not working the unit probably could have been sold to a person AS non-working for a couple hundred bucks or so on Ebay. Perhaps an electronic technician to play with. US welders have Chinese parts in them a known fact. Hobarts spool gun for the Handler is made in China. I have a Hobart but I also have a recent 2009 (not Mosfet) type Chinese TIG that works perfect. Even frequency adjustment to 250Khz. Could not cost justify 3000 plus for a Miller. Just a hobbiest. The good news about videos like this is that it keeps the cost down on the Chinese units for those of us that know where to buy one at the right place. It is also important where you buy one. Absolutely sincerely delighted with the TIG and the performance for the money. (by the way the Hobart spool gun made in China for MIG is also made to fit the Miller equivalent and when you buy one that is what you get)

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