My opinion worth what you pay for it

by Joe
(Fort Worth tx)

Finally some one intelligent and making common sense. Let me add to what you are saying with my opinion. As a small business owner I am always looking at the bottom line and also the demands of my business. Let me elaborate: I just purchased a small chinese brand arc/tig and yes I was and am looking for ways to adapt it to doing some aluminum. Let me duck while all the hard nosed Lincoln/miller people throw all their rocks at me. Esab too. My Lincoln and yes lincoln ac/dc does and will weld aluminum using dcep and 4043 sticks. I purchased the Chinese brand tig for a couple of reasons. The first was to learn tig without destroying and expensive machine and second (the big one) price. That's right, price. I refuse to drop a thousand bucks on a machine that I am not sure how much demand there will be for it in my particular business. If and when it proves to be a valuable asset and addition to my business I will then buy a more professional line for the work at hand but not until. It really blows my mind when I read about some bonehead goes and buys a dirt cheap tool. Uses it a few times, then subjects the tool to a duty cycle for which it was never intended. The same said person rips said tool apart all over the web and reviews it as a terrible piece of junk. Myself I know it's a light duty machine I am just "feeling out" the market place and demand for this service within my particular business. My view of the little CE mig stick welder? So far it runs a beautiful line and hopefully I will figure out a way to get it to run some aluminum. If it proves profitable I will buy a good machine. Otherwise if there is no or low demand I am only out 200 bucks.

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