No Homework No Reason To Complain...

by Denny

Shop Equipment

Shop Equipment

The issue with many, such as this fellow, is the simple fact they didn't take the time to do some homework & research.

Not all Chinese products are junk....although many are.

I own (3) Riland welders, a MIG250L 250A spoolgun unit that has run superbly for (3) years now(130+ 2lb rolls) without any issues.

My TIG unit is a Riland WSE200P 200A ACDC that I use for all the custom AL D/plate craft/auto accessories I make.

I have used it for 2 1/2yrs and has run 80+ lbs. of CS/AL/SS TIG rod flawlessly. My 3rd unit is a newly purchased Riland Cut60J 60A plasma cutter that got broke in cutting 1700ft. of 16ga shelving material & 750 pcs. of 1/4" stock.

I used (2) tips & the 2nd one is as new & still in use. I found this company to be one of the premier mfg. companies that does indeed put out a quality product for the fraction of cost of the big name brands.

I am a Miller man with (4) Miller units & use a Lincoln at work, so I know the ruggedness of these units.

The Rilands allowed me to expand my operation & provide a much better production ratio without the loss time to constantly change welding parameters/materials.

If you want a good product, simply do some homework & investigate company reputation, feedback, usage, & customer satisfaction with any product.

Another parameter I researched was the issues inherent with the combo, TIG/Plasma units that have a high failure rate because of component/design failures.

I found the individual TIG/MMA units & individual plasma units were much less susceptible to failures.

If you need both, then simply buy separate units.


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Oct 21, 2009
Giant Tech Response...
by: Denny

Hi Larry,
Since this posting was mainly regarding TIG & Plasma, my response was to clarify my own personal usage of the TIG & Plasma Chinese units I own & use regularly. It was not to exclude your import(also Chinese) that I own & use also on all my mobile jobs with superb results.

My Giant Tech ARC200 SMAW unit is a full inverter stick welder that I use on the construction sites I frequent with my mobile unit. I call this unit my "lunchbox" welder, as it's only 15lbs, full inverter with only 20A input current needed at full output. I have used this unit over 2 years & burned in excess of 100lbs of rod. This unit paid for itself on the first usage on a construction site repairing heavy equipment. I have been quite satisfied with this unit & have recommended it others who also purchased one.

Again, my comments are to indicate there are excellent Chinese units if one simply does some homework investigating each company's product, recommendations, & satisfaction ratings.

Oct 21, 2009
by: Larry

You also own a GiantTech Arc200 yes? I haven't heard that you aren't happy with it and just wonder why then you would leave us out of your list of owned Chinese machines?
Reagards, Larry

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