NO idea of the basic concept of what welding is all about

by David

This guy has absolutely NO idea of the basic concept of what welding is all about. The purpose of a good weld is to melt the two base metals together, the wire is a filler metal, the purpose is to fill the void that the arc creates while melting the base metals. If the weld setting is to high , and your an experienced welder you will be able to see the puddle before it blows threw the base metal, this can be corrected with a faster travel speed or just stop and adjust the heat setting, but you should never start out with a cold weld. I would wager if the guy had hit the piece on the work bench a weld failure is certain. This is why buying a welder at Lowes and doing it yourself is ok for small jobs around the house. If its something critical, such as a trailer, where your safety or the safety of others is an issue take the project to a qualified welder with the proper equipment and experience.

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