Not a TIG welder

Ive never used Chinese TIG welders, But I do own a Chinese Fluxcore, MIG and Plasma cutter. All three of these have made me substantial amounts of money and for the third of the costs as Miller products.

I have never had to replace any major components in these machines, due to the fact, that Ive just never really had any problems with them.

The fluxcore has given me a headache once or twice. The work lead is very small and cant handle the load. Thus it gets hot and burns up. Problem solved by replacing it with a larger gauge work lead. And once the wire broke through the liner and poked out the whip. I pulled back the whip housing and wrapped the liner with some electrical tape. Problem solved.

As for the Plasma cutter that runs 110 and 220 it has worked great for me. Met and exceeded my expectations. Same for the MIG welder. All three were purchased for a total of less that 1000 bucks. Which cannot be said for any "American" made machine.

Being a small business owner, buying these machines have made it possible to spend my money else where and continue to grow.

I learned all my skills on Miller machines and it was a tough decision to go Chinese at first but now I see its well worth it. I have no problem using these machines and boasting about them.

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