not worth the price!

by Peter Wick

I am the unlucky owner of a Longevity 200 amp combination TIG / Plasma / Stick units. I paid a little over a grand plus shipping end of 09? I got it powered up, did some plumbing to get air to feed it when not welding- and cut some stainless to test it. It worked- I proceeded to stock myself with TIG wire, and prepared to do some of the projects that needed stainless welding that should look pretty. When I was cutting the pieces to do the job 9/10 the machine died. I diagnosed the problem they sold me a part for $20 delivered , but it was used and not exact for my machine. It has extra connections that I am unable to reverse engineer- and the unit does not power up. I have been trying hard for 3 months now to get the welder working. Most recent was well we buy from a different supplier so we are unable to tell you what to do. We will send an email to China and see what they say- My fireplace is now going to be MIG welded with my trusted 25 year old Hobart- and the pieces will be cut on my 20 year old Hobart with Chinese torch parts.
The old plasma stopped working which pushed me to buy the combo unit not just TIG- but with $10 in parts I got it working great!

I am sorry to say that i can't recommend buying low priced welding equipment, it just doesn't save anything- and it costs so much time and aggrevation. I am buying a used Hobart when I save some money- anybody want to buy a parts machine?


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