own the 160p

by jakazz

positive and negative.

My tig hi freq doesnt work so I have to scratch start it. Some cheap ground clamp, could have a Higher quality wire in the ground wire also, lots of black corrosion from the start in the wire. Probably filled with toxic chemicals in the mix...lol.... They say they will do me right I just need to send it back, at my cost both ways, ouch.

Probably my biggest issue was the fact I never really used a tig before, and I didnt get the chance to really test it out for almost a month after I got it.

If you do purchase one of these get the supplies and the time and someone who will tell you if somethings bad, so you get it back before the 30 days.

plasma works nice.... consumables are expensive through them, cheaper if you go ebay, gun parts are all clones of others, the plasma is a clone of the trafimet...sp? guns from italy, I havent had an issue yet with the tig gun for obvious reasons.......

If I were to do this again I would have gone with the everlast brand simply because there is a rep in my state, and not all the way over on the west coast.

you can see some you tube vids of my issue here



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