Oxy Fuel Safety - 6 Simple Tips

Some not so obvious oxy fuel safety tips for safe and efficient operation when using oxy fuel welding equipment:

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  1. Never cut on or apply heat directly to a concrete surface.
    Concrete contains water that is trapped within the material. Heat will cause the water to expand. This expansion will cause pieces of the concrete to explode.

  2. Clean cutting torch tip orifices carefully.
    Pre-heat holes are the small holes in a cutting tip that are located all around the center hole. To prevent tip overheating and minimize the time it takes to bring steel to kindling temperature, it is important they be kept clean. It is also critical that the cutting oxygen orifice is kept clean and smooth. Any roughness will dramatically affect cut quality.

  3. Be aware of sparks – use the Good Neighbor Policy.
    Cutting may produce sparks that can fly a considerable distance. Protective screens may be advisable, especially if working in a confined area.

  4. Be aware of the heat zone when using heating tips like a rosebud tip. 
    A multi-flame (rosebud) heating tip produces a large amount of heat. If large heating tips are used, the heat zone may extend several inches to several feet out from the tip face. Be aware of combustibles and co-workers when using heating tips.

  5. Where are your hoses?
    Before heating or cutting, be sure to check for the location of the hoses that supply gases to your torch. Double check to insure that no slag, or workpiece will fall directly onto the hoses.

  6. No oxy fuel safety information would be complete without mentioning that you should never ever cut into a tank or container without knowing what was in it. Even if it has been empty for a long time... even if you know what was in it, you should not cut or heat without first washing it out and then purging with argon.

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