Plasma Cutter Review - Everlast PowerPro 256 combo unit

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Today, Sept 2, 2010 I am wrapping up my plasma cutter review because I am tired of farting around.

Just to refresh your memory, The Everlast PowerPro 256 combo welder is an AC DC tig , stick, and plasma-cutter.

If you have not seen the first 3 videos on the everlast powerpro256 yet , you can get to them here...

multiprocess welder PowerPro256 part 1

combo tig welder review PowerPro256 part 2

combo welder review PowerPro256 part 3

The first tests were on DC welding of steel. I was welding on some of the those sewer crawlers and welding stainless steel to carbon steel with er312 ss filler rod.

The arc was smooth as silk.

In fact, I showed some welding done with a Miller Dynasty 200 dx compared to welds that were done with the Everlast powerpro 256 combo welder and you would be hard pressed to tell a difference.

Then I ran into some arc start issues on tig welding aluminum.

But after an email and 2 phone calls with Mike the tech support genius....I adjusted the high frequency arc gap and all was well .

I demonstrated the arc starts by using a tig welding technique called bumping. It is used a lot on clear anodized tubing for marine applications like tuna towers and hand rails for yachts.

but i still needed to test the plasma cutting.

So I was waiting on my machinist friend for a job he promised cutting holes in some 3/4 inch stainless.

But Sometimes waiting on a machinist is like waiting for grass to grow....sloooooowwwww....

So I decided to go ahead and try out the plasma cutting function on some random metals.

• First, I just cut some .063" aluminum sheet. I set the machine on about 30 amps and the air pressure was a constant 60 psi.

slick as a whistle...lickety split.

• Then I cut some 1/4" aluminum on about 50 amps. no problem.

• Then I put a chamfer on some 1/4" steel...perfect.

• Then I chamfered some 1" steel plate...thats pushing the limits.

But the high frequency arc start was true and the PowerPro 256 cut everything I threw at it.

A plasma cutter is a really useful tool for cutting sheet metal as well things a cutting torch just cant cut.

• Carbon steel

• stainless steel,

• nickel alloys,

• aluminum,

• magnesium,

• titanium,

• cobalt,

• copper,

• and cast iron

can all be cut with a plasma cutter.

A plasma cutter does not care what kind of metal it cuts. If it conducts, a plasma cutter will cut it...there are even videos of a plasma-cutter cutting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The Everlast PowerPro 256 combo unit proved itself to be a good plasma cutter. It also tig welds steel and aluminum like a monster.

I am officially impressed. exit plasma cutter page and see welding t shirts

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