please and thank you

by Aaron converse
(columbiana oh)

I must say. I love your site. It could use a little more info on flux core, though. You touched on it a few times but there could be a lil more info.
Im 19, a certified welder, proud member of aws, all that jazz. I picked up welding in 10th grade, and found my love in life. Im proud to be a welder, an some people dont know why. I do. Because everything is somehow involved with some sort of weld process. EVERYTHING. If it wasnt welded directly, the machines that made it were welded. (You get the point)
I couldnt agree more on the whole "get off your dead ass" theory. This country has been through some shit, and pulled through it. (As you stated, something about wars?? Hah)
im always striving for better weld quality, and listen very carefully to old timers at work. I dont come in with the "I i know it all" tude so commonly associated with people of my age. If someone has been in the industry for 30+ years? They know wtf they are talkin about, and i respect that. I like watching how people weld, and try adopting/adapting thier techniques.. and as previously stated, your videos are very helpful, and educational.
I work with 1/16 and 3/32 flux core, welding on ladels, bottle cars, and other various pieces for steel mills, all very heavy welds. Ive been looking for ways to better my vertical root pass, as i have difficulty in achieving my desired weld quality.
I would greatly appreciate more information/ videos on fcaw process.
Thank you, and keep puttin out vids!!!! And screw the haters on youtube.

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