President-Amerivet Services

by Garret Brown
(Howell, MI)

Well Jody, I guess you might be careful what you asked for, because I might agree with you.

I started this company based on Chinese products. SOME of those products are still with me, and others were replaced by American products for good reason. We're not just talking welders, either.

My chinese chop saw was great for the first 4 months, then forced itself to be upgraded by a pretty red one. My chinese MIG welder was great for about a year, then croaked to make room for a pretty blue one. My first TIG torch didn't have a name on it, and made it a whole 4 months while it generated enough income to purchase the American one that's lasted 2 years since.

While the pretty American products have all shown their share of durability, it should be noted that the chinese products enabled me to jump start various portions of capability for minimal cost, and PAID THEIR OWN WAY enough to justify the cost of more durable equipment.

Of note is the Chinese desire to meet American standards. For example, if you buy a "26FV" TIG torch on eBay, odds are good you'll be able to run to your local welding supply and get standard collets, cups, etc to fit it. You won't even have to tell anyone what brand it is. Meanwhile, you should prepare yourself for the inherent lack of durability that is weighs directly to cost, let that torch pay for the one replacing it, and make your business grow accordingly.

The same applies for American equipment. When you pay $6000 for that Miller welder, you have to figure in it's life span and the cost of replacement, and make sure it pays for itself AND its replacement AND keep you alive along the way. That's just how business works. If you don't understand that basic principle then you shouldn't be in business.

Thank you very much for your welding insight. Hope this falls within the scope of input you were looking for.


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