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Employed at a large steel foundry as a process engineer. Live on a farm and working on starting a fab/machine shop. Bought an Everlast Power Pro 256 in July of 2010. I have been nothing but impressed with the unit thus far. I even had our weld tech out and tried it out. I have done more stick than anything for obvious reasons, but also a lot of tig and a decent amount of plasma cutting.

If you aren't familiar with the units, it is a stick-tig-plasma machine. It will do all 3. 200 amp stick, 250 amp tig, and 60 amp plasma

The machine is a bit different than some to tune, but runs very smooth with everything I have done so far. The only thing I haven't done much of is pulsing, but it certainly works.

I have successfully cut 1/2" steel fairly clean with the machine- no problems at all.

I have attempted to test the duty cycle with some larger rods, but found that i tire long before the machine. For what the machine can do, and how well it does it, I would challenge the big-dogs to come up with something like it. That is not including the price of the unit, which comes in at far less than you could even buy a plasma cutter of similar capabilities for.


I have one too...

just used it about 2 hours ago to tig weld some steel fixtures for a machine shop.

I am starting to think it is a better machine than the everlast 250ex...which has had a few issues lately.

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