Ramsond Model; CT520DY

(Ligonier, PA 15658)

I Bought a Ramsond Model CT520DY from e-bay (won an auction) for about $375.00 shipped about 5 years ago which normally runs for a little over $700 give or take I low balled the bid because like everyone I wasn't willing to fork out a lot of cash on a hunch and could not afford a good name Mig let alone a 3 in one unit. My first gripe was the air inlet for the plasma cutter and Argon was sorta confusing and to this day is not the best set up. The plasma cutter is simply awesome and in 5 years still haven't gone through all the consumables that came with the welding unit and the neighbor has a professional grade cutter that cost over $1700 that is only a cutter and mine will cut just as fine till it reaches the limit of about 3/4 inch. also his outer cone cost $75 for a single one and for $17.00 including shipping i just ordered a 60 piece replacement set of consumables from china no less. That's just the plasma cutter alone it was worth every penny even if cost $750 but the Tig welder is awesome they both can run on 220v or 110v you just have to make an adapter cost me about $25 only thing negative on tig is it is air cooled and does not ..i repeat does not weld aluminum cause this model is only DC someday gonna buy the next model up and get an AC / DC unit but will not sell this one till i have the other one in my possession. I sold my lil 140 amp Mig to upgrade to an esab but fell on money problems and 3 years later no 240v esab and no 110v mig as well The 3 in 1 unit is fine and dandy but as my only welder currently I miss my MIG for everday getr done fast welding. The tig is awesome but takes to much time to be my only welder. one last thing i dont work for ramsond nor even buy from them directly (too many places to buy cheaper) just telling my story of having good luck with this model... made in china still gives me the willies.

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