remain competitive or die

In my opinion, "Buy American" eventually translates to "Screw America". Why - because every time you buy something that is anything other than the best value, you are encouraging a company to remain non-competitive. Long term, non-competitive companies go out of business.


now that is an interesting opinion.

I remember the crap General Motors was selling in the late 70's early 80's

I wonder what GM cars would be like today if they never had to compete against toyota and honda.

I wonder why it is so acceptable to buy a japanese camera but not acceptable to buy a chinese welder.

I dont know the answers.

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Jul 01, 2011
japanese camaras and chinese welders
by: Anonymous

i can sum up the reason it's ok to buy a japanese camera but not a chinese welder in one word. TIME
in another ten years or so the chinese will have their s#it together and chinese products will be more reliable.

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