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On the subject of chinese welders I think it should be a no brainer. There are quite a few welder and plasma cutters out there on the market and currently in use by the USA welding public in various formats. Most of the orphan type (little known brand) are what they are based upon cost. You usually get what you pay for. I have personally kept my purchases within the well known brands and have been pleased with them all. They all have performed as advertized. I still have my old Lincoln buzz box from the early 70s that still works great. I have stepped up over the years to some pretty sophisticated machinery and made those purchasing decisions based mainly upon durability factor. I haven't been burnt yet.

So, I would steer clear of anything chinese, yugoslavian, Lithuanian, or any of those other little known brands. I think if you wander into those territories it's buyer beware. If you've got cash to throw around and wish to spend your time chasing problems through people who don't give squat about your problem then be my guest, but I don't think most folks want to go there. Buy American if you can, but at least stay with those which have proven themselves.

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