by Michael
(Brainerd, MN. USA)

My exposure to chinese welding products is this:
Order a mutiprocess welder, waited nearly 2 months for it to arrive. Plasma cutting was amazing, tig welding was exactly as advertised, DC stick welding was a pretty as anyone could expect.
After 2 hours of testing, well its electronic and I sell high end audio and video equipment for a living so I understand things electronic sometimes fail early. Took 3 days for a response from the people I bought from, took 3 month to receive replacement and I paid shipping both ways.
New replacement unit was bad right out the box! Two weeks for response from retailer, I told them I would not pay shipping to return second unit and they agreed to cover that expense.

Waited two months for next replacement, boxes arrived with products I had not even ordered and totally incompatible for the use I had intended.

I can not comment really on a functioning Chinese built welder, cause I never seen one. But, I can comment on the a company selling them, it took seven months to get a refund, and then only after several posting (yes I even paid more money to make sure my posting were read) did this company go from ignoring my emails to begging me to accept a refund.

I bought a Thermal Dynamics from a local vendor at a very good price, (yes it was twice the price of Chinese welder) and have been welding the s**t out of projects since, that was almost 2 years ago.

Do miss plasma cutting, but I'm willing to wait!



thanks for the post...


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