by Pat
(San Jose, CA)

That's funny! I have brought in the Chinese Tig Welder 200 amp - 200 amp Arc Welder - 40 + 60 amp plasma cutters. I do not import them anymore due to the fact you can't make any money on them. I have a close friend that is one of the owners of the factory that I bought them from. He has always said that the combination units were not any good and they would not make them. I have had professional welders use my machines on light duty for over 4 years so far without any problems. The DC arc welders draw as smooth bead as any welder out there. I had one custom bike builder that I gave a tig welder to for 3 weeks to play with, when I went back to pick it up he liked it so much he bought it from me. Just think, some of you riding around on your $30,000 chopper your bike was built with a welder that cost me $200.00 They are light weight, only about 19lbs and for the right application they have served my customers and I quite well. With that being said 3 months ago I threw in the garbage 25 195 amp mig welders that were junk.

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