Taking Pride in Hard Work - The Greatest Joy

by GMan

Started out as en electrician after my grandpa taught me skills, discipline and work ethics as a kid. Ive built stuff in industry and factories and took pride.

Hire and fire in a down turn a couple of decades ago took me to school and Ive since pushed lofty ideas, emails and phone calls for higher pay but no richer for it. I never let go of my tools, welding and torch equipment.
Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than building stuff with my hands and the best quality i can muster. The process alone is good for the soul, the finished product gives pride. Hard ass work, sore hands, back and shoulders builds character. I hence moonlight whenever I can :)

Some say the unexamined life ain't worth living, I say the easy life ain't worth living.

Thanks for a stellar site. It has been of much help


Jody here weighing in...

this is one of the best and most thought provoking posts I have read in a long time.

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