by ron
(santa barbara)

I bought 4 Chinese machines to see how good they are. The plasma does fine, it cuts up to 1/8" with no problem 1/4" is a challenge for ma hand held but probably oK with a steady hand.
Stick is just great,
TIG the machines are Ok but the torches suck, too big and clumsy. Nearly all 4 machines had something wrong or broken as delivered. Managed to fix most and the company replaced broken parts at their cost. The pressure reducing flow controls are a joke as they do not close after opening!!
With some care you might get a good one but unless you are a very handy service electrical stuff guy like me ... buy only if they have a return at their expense guarantee.
It's a pity but with some manufacturing care they could be first class.. except the guns. If you were an experienced welder they would probably be OK but a newby like me needs all the help he can get..
Guess what I use to do most of my welding a 25 year old Migtronic.. works every day and is so so easy to use...

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