Typed on a Chinese-made "smart" phone

by Dan Pliskin
(San Jose, CA)

I was about to retired and needed some toys to keep life fun. I bought a Longevity combo TIG/stick/plasma unit and started my second life making all sorts of things, mostly in mild steel tubing. I have a wonderful life, that never would have happened, if not for cheap Chinese products.

But let's talk about American welders, for a moment. If they have any electronics in then, that electronics is guaranteed to be made in Asia. Even the steel might be from China. So buying American isn't quite so straight forward.

A further complication is that the Chinese are buying more and more American goods, as their standard of living improves. They're also heavily invested in America.

Lastly, when an American company needs to build something, they invest in labor-saving machines. We have the "most productive workers" because our workers run sophisticated machines. How does one run a sophisticated machine? Education. We're not a particularly well educated nation, but if we insist on saving money by cutting back on education, things will only get worse. Where I live, in Silicon Valley, we import workers from all over the world, because of their education.

And talking about education, thank you for suggesting Metals and How To Weld Them. Of all the metallurgy I learned in engineering school, no one ever talked about the effects of welding on the structure of steels...fascinating.


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Jul 04, 2012
All Made in China = knockoff product NEW
by: Kurt

All Apple products except management are jobbed out to China. If its not made in USA its a cheap knockoff as far as I'm concerned. A few years ago, Lincoln was crowing about how they were helping China modernize its steel industry Our replacement San Francisco Bay Bridge was made in China and the rework has cost more than if it was done right the first time i.e. the structural elements all fabbed in American iron shops.

A lot of our politicians' and public employee bureaucrat's functions could be jobbed out to China and India for fractions of a cent on the dollar.

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