Uli Zimmermann

Dear guys,
i just finished reading the down and dirty metallurgy section and i liked it very much. Since engineers and especially welding engineers who should know all about this but forget it the day they graduate it is a very unique possibility to achieve metallurgical knowledge. It is perfect especially for those in the welding business who do not have an academic degree. As i work as a welding engineer for one of the biggest welding machine fabricators in europe i know the problems people have choosing the right material very well. Especially some of my customers like welding in corners. They just bent some material- no matter if steel or CrNi-alloys and start welding in the cold worked area. Then they ask me why their welds have cracks. Maybe this is something you could mention on your site.
Keep up the good work!
Best regards
Ulrich Zimmermann
Mechnical engineer/ International Welding Engineer

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