up in the air

by jeremy
(New York)

Well I am the manager of a metal shop in a major art school.
I run Miller and Lincoln welders and plasma cutters. These machines are put through their paces run by some of the biggest idiots you could find.
If any company wants to test equipment out i'll put it in the shop and these kids will destroy it.
When i was a kid i saved my paper route money and bought a welder.
I knew nothing about them and read no literature but bought a Miller due to the fact that most of the guys riding in trucks that had that big welder generator in the back,(professional) it was BLUE, plus lincoln was sold in HOME DEPOT and Sears.
Miller was sold in welding shops.
Since then my boss thinks i'm a miller rep. The millers we have (10 years old) Have had zero problems! the lincolns get rebuilt on a usual basis. plus my little childhood purchase welds as good today as it did then.

But I want one of these nifty inverter welders!
I phoned Miller and asked them why are these 40lb welders were $4000.00 and a 238lb welder $2000.00
they told me the engineering cost. but it would come down in time. that was 4 years ago!

In all honesty it costs farr less to build a p.c. welder than all that copper. miller is GREEDY. they know its what you want and they get the price. END OF STORY

Now miller comes out with this DIversion.

It looks like a toy I would buy an everlast before that thing. plus our new Miller plasma just crapped out witch makes me wonder? plus i see alot of maxstar welders in the repair shop at my local supplier.

Good for these little chinese welders. I hope it can get millers price down. I want a Miller but these everlast welders look better and better.

In short I have American welders that suck. My Miller loyalty is faining and I want a welder?

Mabe ESAB? there 500.00 cheeper and made in Sweden (the new ones are I called) and by the way Miller and Lincoln are #2 in the game the BEST Welders are Panasonic Yep Panasonic look em up super high $$$ though. any one could help me in my decision let me know.

Miller NEEDs to drop the price competition will only help. hell Brideport Milling machines are made in china now. there still the best.

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Jul 30, 2015
2015 AHP alpha tig 200x NEW
by: Christian

I am about to try an Everlast. I am a certified tig welder and a licensed journeyman. I bought the AHP cause my son wanted to learn. I ran the machine twice before my son tried to strike an arc and forgot to hook the ground up. The ma home started sparking inside and blew the breaker. It continued to spark and smoke after the breaker popped. Not a good machine. Even if we just got an isolated "bad machine" the rep at AHP explained that even though it had a 60% duty cycle you stil should only run it for about two minutes before giving it a break. He explained to me (obviously assuming I was a hobbyist) that duty cycle is something most welders are confused about. He said it doesn't represent how long you can use it in a ten minute period of time. I couldn't help but laugh. I have hopes that the Everlast is better, or that I can find a good affordable welder to teach my son on.

Mar 27, 2015
ahp welder NEW
by: lucas

theirs a Chinese welder that has a better duty cycle than any blue/red welder on the market as of 3/27/2015 called the AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp
look it up the 2014 model has 80+ reviews and I think 70 are 5 stars

Aug 09, 2011
I tried the ESAB
by: Gary

I appreciate the comments about the blue box dropping in quality and holding the price. I spent three months comparing Red, Blue and Yellow. I rolled the dice on the ESAB Powermig 215 and it had a bad pc board right out of the crate. Customer service was good and the board was replaced at no charge. A good welder is a good welder, time and performance is the test, I need about 10 years to find out how the ESAB will hold up. As of now the performance is good, I am frustrated that Miller is using parts made from China, look at the "made in China" stamp on the caster of the 212 Millermatic.

Aug 06, 2011
Stupid is as stupid does
by: M

Let me know when you or one of your friends gets hired by a Chinese company at a living wage.

And when I say living wage I don't mean the 15 cent an hour wage a good (and I mean GOOD as in works 60 plus hours per week, every week, no benefits, no health plan, no social security, no 401K, no paid vacation, qualified on pressure vessels and various welding processes) Chinese welder earns.

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