Where is a good place to buy steel? angle iron, flat bar, tubing, round stock etc.

by metlbrnr


Here's an idea for an informative blog...Where do I get my steel?

I'm always on the lookout for any useful pieces of steel to add to my hobby welding steel stock. Recently I found some old bed frame that was 'junked' on a nearby property and used it up pretty quickly. I also got the idea that my local bedding sellers might want to part with old bed frames but found them more concerned with liabilities than recycling. I could not convince them that I didn't need THEIR money...nope! I don't know where the average website member or visitor gets material for their projects but odds are some pay that crazy Home Depot or Lowe's price. I admit that some of my first purchases were retail and I never knew how much mark-up there was till I took a chance one day and checked out one of my local steel vendors. They let me pick through their 'drops' of everything from sheet to bar to angle in all shapes and sizes. I price compared and found that I saved over 30%. Checkout wasn't quite as simple as at the retail store and I do have to be respectful and safety conscious in their facility. Another vendor in town sells drops by weight at $.65 a pound. I calculated similar savings over retail store prices and forget internet or mail order vendor costs. Then there are my local scrap yards, which would seem like a no-brainer for cheap steel but I've found stock too hit or miss and their liability doesn't allow me to pick my own.


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