Yeah, It looks cool but....

by Joe
(Covina, CA, USA)

I remember this video from a few(?) years ago when he had gas welded an aluminum fuel tank for the Camel Bike Project. What you didn't hear was that when the bike was delivered to Daytona for bike week, the tank had cracked all along the weld and was pouring gas out in front of the crowd of onlookers. Even if you look at the finished product, the welds look like snot and he ground them all down for looks probably had almost zero weld for strength. I don't want to sound like I'm bagg'n on ol' Jesse, He does some nice work and I know he wants to keep nostalgia welding alive but there's a reason some processes have evolved over the century.. Cuz' they work MUCH better and are much more efficient! If all the old ways were better on everything he does, he'd be painting bikes with a brush and use riveted leather for a drive chain! History is good to know, but I'll stick with the tried and true and leave history to the books!



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