you only cry once

by nate

if you buy a quality american machine you will only cry once when you fork over the dough. and you know it will keep working when you need it. i am a sheet metal worker and we just bought probably 7 brand new millers mig machines and a tig that replaced our 50 year old aircos that sill worked. if i know i need a tool that i am going to use over and over again i am going to buy a name brand american tool. but we all occasionally need something when we only need it once and go down to harbor freight and get a cheappie. but we do need to start bringing back our industry here i have noticed more and more craftsman tools made in china, at work we bought a brand new lockformer pittsburgh machine lasted a week, made in china. i have even heard that some chevy engines are made in china. buy american while you still can

its better to have something you dont need than to need something you dont have

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