best all around tig welder

i was wondering what your opinion was on the best all around tig welder for the money. my typical applications would be 3/8 or less metal thickness on aluminum and carbon steel.


for the money? if you have adequate power (100 amp service) a used miller syncrowave 250 is still one of the best all round tig welders.

if you dont have that much power you might only be able wire a 30 amp plug.

I have an everlast powertig 250ex that cost less than a used syncrowave 250 that has done me a good job for the last year or so.

I cant full endorse them,, but for the money, its a good machine.

the only issue is when they break, it might take a while to get it fixed.

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Sep 03, 2015
Sycrowave 210 NEW
by: Anonymous

I am looking at the Sycrowave 210 as my next shop welder. I weld 1/4 aluminum quick often. Any experience on the duty cycle of this machine on aluminum?

Jan 07, 2015
Best tig welder for the $$$$$ NEW
by: Anonymous

Lincoln square wave 175 is a great machine. A step up is the precision tig 225 and in my opinion for a little bit more money you get a lot. Both of these machines are great choices for a versatile, all around tig welder and will do just about everything you need. Also the syncrowave 210 miller is a great machine in the same category but is a little more money, has less amperage. All of these are stick capable as well and the syncrowave 210 can be used for the mig process but only with a spoolgun. These machines are definitely good quality machines that weld beautifully. They should definitely be on your list of best all around ac/dc tig welders for the money.

Sep 09, 2014
everlasting NEW
by: Eric

Do they still make the everlasting 250ex? I looked on the website and all I could see was the 200dx.

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